Symptoms of heart disease.

7 Sep
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Fact that heart disease is very broad. Symptoms of heart disease. The heart is associated with a few of the symptoms below. However. These symptoms. Did not occur in patients with heart disease only. There are also other diseases. With similar symptoms, the doctor will make a decision. Requires a detailed history. With a physical examination. Sometimes require special tests such as blood, urine, X-rays, etc. to isolate the disease. That have similar symptoms.

  Chest pain.    Tiredness.    Shake   Leg swelling.   Faint flash

Chest pain.
Organs in the chest. The heart and pericardium to the aorta, esophagus, lung pleura, bones, chest bones, ribs, breast, chest muscles. When there is inflammation. The pathology of these organs. It can cause chest pain that was. However, symptoms may vary.


Symptoms of dyspnea and the exercise such as walking jogging running causes such as anemia (anemia), obesity, hypertension, lung disease, thyroid toxicity, heart disease, congestive heart failure (heart failure), even anxiety, or allergic News. and it makes me as well. Fatigue symptoms of heart disease and congestive heart failure, asthma, breathing is very fast for a period of exertion. But in severe cases. Tired all the time. Some will be very tired and lie down. (I will be tired, i) must lie on the head or just fall asleep.



Shake in a doctor means that the heart failure arrhythmias, or heartbeat irregular heartbeat, this symptom may be found in the normal heart and other diseases affecting the heart, such as the thyroid gland is. Medical history of lung disease are more toxic to the appearance of a shake to make sure. Due to arrhythmias or not. Often, patients feel the tremble of the heart beat normally.

Diagnosis of patients tremble It is not easy to do. Because patients often have symptoms for a while. When the doctor said I had gone to the doctor can not diagnose it. Due to arrhythmias or not, so you should learn how to take the pulse itself. When symptoms. How many times a heart beats in 1 minute and uniform or not. These data. Will help the doctor make the diagnosis more quickly.

Leg swelling.

Symptoms of leg swelling caused by the body’s salt (sodium) and water retention in the body. May be caused by kidney disease. (I do not salt) of venous thromboembolism. (No flow) the lack of protein in the blood, liver disease, drugs and some hormones, heart disease, or in some cases no cause (idiopathic edema) and swelling in patients with heart disease. Caused by the heart, the right to decline. Blood from the legs can not. Pour into the right heart, and streams. The remaining blood in the legs more. Pericardium chronic inflammatory diseases. But this symptom as well. When there are symptoms, leg swelling. Doctors need to monitor multiple systems. To determine the cause. The treatment was correct.

Faint flash

The word “short” This is a significant problem in history. In English this word has different meanings in the definition of a doctor. Will correspond to the English as syncope refers to the unconscious or nearly unconscious while they may feel dizzy dizzy I do not see a clear picture. The pain is momentary. Does not include disorientation house flushes the austere poetry of the respiratory symptoms may be caused. Disorders of the brain such as epilepsy (seizures, although not visible) bleeding in the brain. Disorders of the heart, such as a fatal arrhythmia. Or arrest for a while, or disorders of the autonomic nervous system that controls the heart. In addition to “short” may be found in people with normal blood loss, dehydration, diarrhea, discomfort, lack of exercise. Drugs to lower blood pressure as well.


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